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UK Jobs
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Once your job front is taken care of, the upcoming front would usually be lodging. Apart of newspaper and online ads for places that are up for rent, you can also find it on notice boards at some supermarkets, libraries and other public areas.... Housing in the United Kingdom
Estimates vary as to how much students should budget for, and London, like other cities, can be as expensive as personal taste dictates. Accommodation in international student halls provided by universities and colleges is the cheapest option.... Cost of Living in London
UK Jobs
There are the usual types of employment in the UK job market. Along with full-time, salaried work there are several other options for employees in the labour market.Part-time: Part-time work is particularly popular with foreign students.... Contract Types in UK Job Market

Before working in the UK, you should make sure that it is alright (in this case, it means legal) for you to do so. You wouldn’t want to be deported because authorities find you working illegally, as this may mean a lifelong black mark on your name. Do.... Do You Need Permission to Work in UK?

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Checklist before moving To help you prepare for your resume and interview
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Job seekers 'how-to' list Most specific to-do list guides you step-by-step to success
Though UK has people from around the world flocking in to its land, UK is still open to bringing in more foreigners from all parts of the world with unique skills and competent background. So what are the jobs that are continually in demand? The world's economy is in a recession, as a result of the global financial crisis.... Job Trends in UK
“How to get a job in UK?” will seem like a question of yesterday once you’ve found courage and opportunity to advance your professional skills. There sure are many jobs available in the market but do you know which one is for you and what qualifies you as an alien with rare skills in order to get.... How to Get a Job in UK
Work conditions are certainly good in the UK. Accompanied with the UK’s high standard of living, work conditions offer employees a very comfortable experience in the UK. Holiday entitlements: From 1 April 2009 all workers have a statutory right to at least 5.6 weeks’ paid annual leave.... Work Conditions in the United Kingdom