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Norway Jobs
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Norway Jobs
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Job-seeking from abroad: European Employment Services (EURES)1) • Contact EURES in your home country for more information about Norway. • Visit the EURES web sites: and Job-seeking in Norway
Having a good grasp of your destination country’s living conditions before arriving there serves as good mental preparation for your sojourn abroad. Things are always done differently in a foreign place, and it doesn’t necessarily mean things are done better or worse. No matter what the differences are, it takes time to get used to doing things the way it is done in your adopted city... Living Conditions in Norway
Norway Jobs
There are many types of work permit. Below is an alphabetical presentation of all the permits, so that you can find the right permit for your work..... What Type of Work Permit Should I Apply for in Norway?
Norway Work Visa

The general rule is that all foreign nationals require a visa to visit Norway. However, there are some exceptions to this requirement. Below is a list of those who do not require a visa.... Norway Visa And Work Permit Information

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Best search tools Best resource and jobsites to search for jobs in Norway
Checklist before moving To help you prepare for your resume and interview
Working and living tips Tips that will help balance your career and family
Cultural advice To help you adjust to the new culture and environment
Job seekers 'how-to' list Most specific to-do list guides you step-by-step to success
Finding employment in foreign places always involves more paperwork than finding work in your home country. There are residence permits, taxes, banks, insurance, and customs you should get to know about before you embark on your overseas employment stint.... Work in Norway: Before You Start Working
The Norwegian police, the directorate of immigration, the tax directorate and the labour inspection authorities have established a joint service centre in Oslo for foreign workers in Norway.... Service Centre for Foreign Workers in Norway
The Norwegian currency consists of "kroner" (NOK) and "øre". 100 øre make up 1 krone. Eating out Dinner for between 50 and 100 kroner is considered cheap. Expect to pay between 80 and 120 kroner at a café and from 150 at restaurants.... Norway Currency and Prices Information