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Middle East Jobs Guidebook Tells You:
  • How to find a job in the Middle East
  • Where your ideal career destinations are
  • What kind of professionals are in demand most
  • What you can expect from working in Middle East
Work and Live in Dubai Guide
Dubai is increasingly becoming an international city, and one should learn about its working and living conditions before arriving to be mentally prepared. There is lots of construction going on throughout the city.... Work and Live in Middle East: Dubai City Guide
How To Get a Job in Dubai
Dubai has the most renowned reputation in the Middle East and that’s not a secret. Nobody has never heard of Dubai and all its exciting stories behind it. It is almost impossible for you to turn around without the sight of foreigners walking.... 11 Essential Qualities for Middleeast Staff
Middle East Jobs
It was mentioned in the previous chapter that it is important for you to recognize your skills and include this in your consideration as to where to head for next. Here are the jobs that are highly demanded in the Middle East.... In-Demand Professions in the Middle East
In-Demand Professions in the Middle East

Women’s status in the Middle East has been renowned to be one of controversy, as feminists and other social activists can attest. Nevertheless, modern society has seen changes in the status of women in the Middle East.... Working Women in the Middle East

Working Women in the Middle East

Professional certifications Professional education you can get for a better life in the Middle East
Pre-moving checklist To help you prepare for your big move to overseas
Strategies on job hunting Surefire strategies on finding a perfect job in the Middle East
Cultural advice To help you adjust to the new culture and environment
Living cost in the Middle East How much it costs to live and work in the Middle East
Working Conditions in the Middle East
Having a clear understanding of the working conditions in the Middle East will allow you to get a better idea of whether you would be comfortable working for a period of time in the Middle East. Of course, working conditions vary from job to job as well as country to country.... Working Conditions in the Middle East
Same as anywhere in the world or somewhere you can relate to most, your home country, developing a business is not a month or two sort of work or project. You need to plan precisely and well, not to mention come up with a back-up plan. Organizing might sound simple but organizing takes almost your.... Doing Business in the Middle East
Working in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is one of the large countries in the Middle East so are the opportunities to grow. They are large and reachable. While you’ve included Saudi Arabia in your consideration list, do not skip it. Though a large part of Saudi Arabia is desert, Saudi Arabia is considered one of the modern places in the Middle East.... Working in Saudi Arabia