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Ireland Jobs
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There are many reasons why you may be coming to Ireland. You may be coming to work, to set up a business, to study, to join a family member or to retire. You may be looking for protection and intend to apply for refugee status or other protection. Before you come to Ireland, you need to know first of all whether or not you are entitled to live here. Your right to live in Ireland depends mainly on your nationality and what you intend to do when you come here....Before You Come to Ireland
Citizens of certain countries require an entry visa for Ireland. If you are a citizen of a country that is on schedule 1 below, you do NOT require an entry visa for Ireland. Citizens of countries which are not on the list must apply for a visa before they travel to Ireland.... Do I Need a Visa to Come to Ireland?
Ireland Jobs
All employees are entitled to receive a pay slip with every payment of wages. This pay slip should show gross wage (wage before deductions) and the nature and amount of each deduction.... Work in Ireland: Wages, Working Hours and Annual Leave

When starting a new job, employees should be familiar with a number of basic provisions under Irish employment law. Below is a brief guide for employees starting a new job. Please note that this is not a legal interpretation of the legislation...Starting a New Job in Ireland

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Best search tools Best resource and jobsites to search for jobs in Ireland
Checklist before moving To help you prepare for your resume and interview
Working and living tips Tips that will help balance your career and family
Cultural advice To help you adjust to the new culture and environment
Job seekers 'how-to' list Most specific to-do list guides you step-by-step to success
Find out as much as possible about the job you are applying for and the company. This will help you decide if the job is right for you and will make you more confident in the interview.... Prepare for Your Interview
There were about 4.5 million persons residing in the Republic of Ireland in the last quarter of 2008 (Figure 1.1). There were approximately 930,000 persons who were younger than 15, while those aged 65 and above amounted to just under half a million.... General Labour Market Trends in Ireland
Most employees in Ireland pay tax through the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system. This means that your employer deducts the tax you owe directly from your wages, and pays this tax directly to the Revenue Commisioners. The Revenue Commissioners collect taxes from citizens on behalf of the Irish Government.... Tax and Starting Work in Ireland - PAYE