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Hospitality industry is a fast growing industry. This simply means that you can go up fast on the promotion ladder (when the position goes up, so does your pay) if you work hard and excel. The good thing about hospitality industry, besides its fast growth, is that the opportunities are endless. Different hospitality employers offer different compensation too, depending on your experience and education. (Hospitality Career Skills and Qualifications)

Compensation, as you might imagine, varies from hotel to hotel depending on its size, type, market, brand, and/or company in which you are employed with.

Supervisors can make an hourly wage from anywhere between $10-$20 per hour in most hotels. I.e. Front Desk Supervisor, Housekeeper Supervisor, etc.

Full-Time Department Heads can make a salary anywhere between $23,000 to $80,000. I.e. Front Office Manager, Executive Housekeeper, Chief Engineer, Food & Beverage Manager, etc.

Executives can make salaries between $25,000 all the way up to and beyond $200,000. I.e. General Management, Operations, Director of Sales & Marketing, Director of Human Resources, etc.

Let’s try to narrow base salaries down a little bit. That is, guaranteed salary before any benefits such as 401k, ownership options, pension, vacations, etc:

An Economy-Service hotel manager could make as little as $23,000 per year but might also receive additional benefits such as a company-paid apartment. I would probably put a cap on about $60,000 for a salaried manager of this type of hotel. However, the average is probably more like $30,000.

Again, depending on a number of factors the salaries could vary, but the low end is usually over $30,000 but goes up to $60,000 to start and many managers with tenure are making close to triple digits. The average is probably around $45-50,000.00.

With more responsibility comes more pay, generally speaking. I would average the starting pay for full-service managers above $70,000 and certainly can go even higher than $250,000 annually. For example, cities such as Las Vegas have mega-hotels where the top manager has a much greater level of oversight.

Focused-Service, Luxury, and Resorts:
These types of hotels vary much more greatly than any other hotel type because they are specific (focused) to certain types of people; High-end business travelers or leisure guests with disposable income to use. I would say the low end on these types of hotels can go as low as $60,000 these days for General Managers but I would not even begin to guess the cap because the pay is getting higher all the time as the competition gets hotter. Elite, 5-star golf resorts or country clubs might pay more than a Themed hotel in Orlando, for example.

Finally – please remember that these do not include any additional benefits packages or other compensation means. These are only BASE salary ranges and the cost of living is different all over. Salaries are very broad in the hospitality industry (restaurants included) I would even guess more broad than many other industries.

Working in the hospitality industry is not just about working hard and getting the promotion and extra pay, the name hospitality did derive for fun. Service is foremost, above all. You have to be able to keep up with the industry as it offers many benefits and packages, you have to be constantly showing your people person skills. (Hospitality Industry Career Description)


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