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There are various positions and departments for you to consider which and what sets you and your abilities apart from others. There are just too high a number of jobs available that you’ll have some space to move around and rise! Before you make any random decisions, identify and recognize your true passion and goals for the long terms. For example, do you wish to work on the front line (i.e. hostess, waiter, etc) or behind (i.e. chef, chambermaid, etc)? Do you see yourself grow from the position you’ve chosen? So what’s exactly expected of you?

The hotel and catering industry or rather the hospitality industry is a dynamic industry in which no two days are the same. It provides enormous challenge in terms of both hotel and food service management and professional cookery. One is afforded great variety in one’s work, and hotels offer one the opportunity to meet people of all nationalities and from all walks of life.

Various career opportunities exist for both men and women in this industry. Hotel Management, Food Service Management, Professional Cookery, Waiters, Wine Stewards and Barmen are briefly discussed in this article.

What am I going to do in this occupation?

Hotel managers are responsible for the effective control and co-ordination of all facets of the hotel and its operations. This includes the employment and management of personnel to ensure that they perform their duties effectively. They attend to administration, which includes accounting, stock taking, calculation of expenses and financing. They see to it that standards of hygiene and quality are maintained in order to assure the health, safety and well being of personnel and guests. Hotel managers must be conversant with legislation and regulations concerning the hotel industry. They also market the accommodation and catering facilities of the hotel to assure profitability.

There are different managers on different levels in the larger hotels. The assistant general manager with the front office, rooms division, banqueting and food and beverage managers, operate under supervision of the general manager.


What kind of personality do I need?

Social skills, the ability to perform public relations work and interest in people and their comfort are essential characteristics. Hotel managers must have leadership skills, be business orientated and flexible by nature. They should be good organizers, have an extraordinary ability to deal with people and pressures, be enthusiastic and disciplined.

Where can I work?

Possible employers in this field include any institution with service and catering facilities such as hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants and contract caterers.

Can I work for myself in this occupation?

A person with the necessary qualifications, skills and experience, can start their own business. Many people in the hospitality industry have been very successful in working for themselves. (Make a Hospitality Career in Hospitality Industry)

Hospitality jobs require you to be always ready to serve people with no discrimination, especially if you work in a 4-star and above hospitality companies/organizations: Longs hours and international standards of service, culture and knowledge are the least expected of you. Being involved in the hospitality industry means that you’re up for the ever-changing working conditions. (Hospitality Career Working Conditions)


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