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Hospitality Career Skills and Qualifications

This is probably the initial move you should make to kickstart your hospitality career. These are all the supposed skills and qualifications that every hospitality career pursuer should at least know about and prepare for.


You don’t necessarily need a degree, but gaining a relevant qualification in hospitality, leisure and tourism will prove your commitment to recruiters and might enable you to start off on a higher rung of the career ladder. Qualifications range from foundation degrees and national diplomas to undergraduate and master’s degrees. Alternatively, a modern apprenticeship offers on-the-job training towards a vocational qualification. It is also possible to gain chartered status through the relevant professional bodies.


Employers in hospitality, leisure and tourism will also be looking for an array of ‘soft’ skills, including:




Commitment to the industry

Commercial awareness



Of course, apart from your skills and qualifications, you need to pay attention to your own personality. Make sure that you get on well with your colleagues because in this industry, without the support and help from people around you (colleagues), you will be left stranded figuring everything out on your own.


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