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Working in Europe is an attractive option for many, and for good reasons. Employment and the creation of more and better jobs for its citizens are top priorities for the EU. The Union must also help provide equal opportunities, so that everyone who wants to can work. The aim is to raise the number of people of working age with jobs to the level of 70% of the working-age population by 2010.... Europeans at Work
Before making your big move, this article provides background information on migrating to the EU, and may serve you well in your understanding of immigration procedures.... Immigration to Europe
EU Jobs
To live, work, and study in the EU is a popular dream, and the EU has made it easier and more attractive for that dream to come true.... Living, Working and Studying in the EU

Job seekers are always in need of tips, and especially so when seeking employment from a foreign land. This article offers tips on finding a job in Europe, including things you should do before leaving.... Tips on Finding a Job in Europe

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Best search tools Best resource and jobsites to search for jobs in the EU
Checklist before moving To help you prepare for your resume and interview
Working and living tips Tips that will help balance your career and family
Cultural advice To help you adjust to the new culture and environment
Job seekers 'how-to' list Most specific to-do list guides you step-by-step to success
There are always different types of skill sets in high demand for different countries. In this article, job trends and forecasts are discussed.... Skills Needed in EU
Understand the labour-market situation in Sweden before planning to relocate, and be constantly updated on any changes, which will most likely happen.... Labour-market Situation in Sweden
This article provides an extensive background information on migrant workers in Italy. In recent years the role of Italy on the map of international migration has been transformed: once a sending it is now a receiving country.... Migrant Workers in Italy