Ultimate Cruise Ship Job Hunting Guide

Cruise ship Jobs
Get a job in the Cruise Ship Industry
Cruise Ship Jobs
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Cruiseship Jobs Guidebook Tells You:
  • How to find a job at an Cruiseship
  • What kind of professionals are in demand most
  • What you can expect from working for Cruiseship
  • Required certification, training programs, and more
Every professional position demands certain standards and minimum requirements from its candidates. Though almost everyone from around the world can apply for a position onboard and onshore cruise ship job, you need to include at least these points below in your application to ensure maximum attention from the cruise ship employer.... Cruise Industry Jobs: Preparing an Application Package
Every cruiseship has different visions, different goals, and a different take on customer service. Nevertheless, all cruiseship companies would expect their employees to possess these competencies... 11 Essential Qualities for Cruiseship Employee
Cruiseship Jobs
There is just so many things to consider before undertaking a job in the cruise industry. You have to be committed to being at sea for months on end, among many other requirements. Careful consideration is a must before signing a contract with a cruise line company.... Finding a Job in the Cruise Industry

Living and working on a cruise ship may be a dream job for some, but it is also essential to know that life on the sea can be stormy too. You might want to give up the impression that it is a job that pays you while you’re on vacation, because working on a cruise ship involves so many responsibilities and it is actually highly demanding, far from the image you may have of soaking up the sun and getting paid for it...Living and Working on a Cruise Ship

Spot job scams To help you make the right choice
How much you'll be paid To view and compare salaries in all parts of the world
Famous Cruise Lines Where you can meet celebrities onboard
Surefire strategies To help you get the job of your dream
Enjoy your life on a ship Tips on balancing work and life
We understand how much you are eager to call a cruise ship job your own but you need to be very careful and aware of the fact that the more popular something is, the more targeted it is by scam. Do not simply put your trust on some advertisement that asks you to do something that is out of ordinary from a normal job application. You have to bear in mind that there is not a single dime that expects of you to proceed with your cruise job application. Cruise ship job application procedures are same like any other normal onshore jobs...Cruise Ship Job Scams
Onboard positions are abundant. If you want to get involved in the cruise ship industry but can’t get over your seasickness, then working onshore is your best resort. There’s no need to get onboard to enjoy the perks and fun. Onboard and onshore positions have equal fun and employment opportunity. Below are the departments with the most positions that are available and in demandl...Onboard and Onshore Cruise Ship Job Positions
If you ever thought working onboard a cruise ship requires no qualifications, think again. Cruise ship recruitment is tough, as working onboard is very demanding. Cruise ship employers want to hire only the best, since providing a safe and luxurious experience for passengers is of topmost priority...Required Certification and Training Programs