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Not only the alluring amount of salary an aircrew gets but also the travel opportunities. Today you’re standing right in front of The Eiffel Tower and the next thing you know, you are taking pictures in front of The Great Wall.... Airline Career Salary Ranges
Every airline has different visions, different goals, and a different take on customer service. Nevertheless, all airline companies would expect their employees to possess these competencies... 11 Essential Qualities for Airline Staff
Airline Jobs
Because airlines operate around-the-clock, year-round, flight attendants may work nights, holidays, and weekends. In most cases, agreements between the airline and the employees’ union determine the total daily and monthly working time.... Flight Attendant Jobs
flight attendants

Apart from salary expectations, most people are concerned with working conditions of their jobs. In regards to the airline industry, working conditions vary widely according to the type of job you undertake. ...Pilot Jobs

Job seekers'how-to' list Most specific to-do list guides you to success step-by-step
Salary reference list To view and compare salaries in all parts of the world
Job search tools list 100 job search websites from all around the world
Hot employers list Chose the right employer to start your Airline career
Surefire strategies list Surefire strategies from experts to help you get the job
Mechanics usually work in hangars or in other indoor areas, although they can work outdoors (sometimes in unpleasant weather) when hangars are full or when repairs must be made quickly. Aircraft Mechanic Jobs
Flight dispatchers work indoors at the airport in the airline operations office. They use computers, calculators, weather charts and information, and loading re-ports. A 40-hour week with shift work is normal...Flight Dispatcher Jobs
There are reasons why a lot of people, male especially, wish to become a pilot or even a flight engineer. You may quickly think of the travel opportunities but there’s another tempting offer on the plate, the fat paycheck! Visit as many resources as you can, you will find the staggering digits in aircraft pilots and flight engineers’ salaries...Airline Staff Salaries and Wages